Friday, October 23, 2015

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I continue to work on and add to each one of these to keep them active and up to date. Constantly adding my old material and adding fresh content.

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Off-The-Church-Walls Humor blog
Real Life Quotes Growing Quote collection.
Real Life Enrichment Practical information for everyday life.
Parable Inspiring devotional illustrations
Preacher Points Place for sermon outlines and resources
Kevin Rayner's Ministry to God @ The Edmond Church of Christ Many current resources currently being used at the Edmond Church of Christ
Edmond Oklahoma SAM's Information for helping Seniors
Rayner Resources Hub for my information online
Magnify Jesus A look at the Christ's life and teachings
Christ's Church Reflecting on the followers of Christ
Real Life Conversion How lives are changed by Christ
Oaks of Righteousness Where to focus on becoming more fully devoted followers of Christ
"Overtime Church" More challenging thoughts for the disciple that is most serious about Jesus. Theology for the night owl, weekend worker, or Bible student who wants to learn more.
Kevin's Komment Online commentary and resources to better understand scripture.
Real Life Servant Maker For the Christian growing with a Christ-like servant attitude toward others.
Becoming Great Neighbors Encouragement to love and serve your neighbor
Edmond Church of ChristHospitality Helping each Christian become more hospitable.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I read some statistics the  other day and thought it was  worth sharing.
Someone has estimated that  the average member of the  church has heard 6,000  sermons, 8,000 congregational  songs and led zero people to  Jesus Christ!

Here is the way the problem stacks up in a Church with

  • 200 members: 20 are too old to work, that leaves  
  • 180 left to work. But of the rest, 18 are too timid to accept much  responsibility. That leaves
  • 162 left to work, but 12 are out of town or away for school. That leaves 
  • 150 left to work, but 25 of those work long hours six or seven days a week. So, that leaves 
  • 125 left to work, but 20 of those are tied down with children. That leaves 
  • 105 left to work, but 20 of those are unable to work because of poor health. That leaves 
  • 85 left to work, but 55 are unfaithful, do not attend regularly, or don’t care.... That leaves 
  • 30 left to work.20 of those will attend church...but they refuse to work.... That leaves 
  • 10 left to work.8 of those are very tired of doing all the work and have asked to be relieved. That leaves 
  • 2 people – you and me... But I’m too busy with other things, so you do the work. 

There is always an excuse if you look for one. But the truth of the matter is - no matter how young or how old, how busy or how tied down - we were never meant to be spectators. When Jesus told his disciples be lights of the world (Matthew 5:16) and to go make disciples (Matthew 28:19), he was talking to us too. So the question for you is, what have you been doing for Christ lately - or are you just sitting on the sidelines making excuses?